Teaching Puberty for LGBTQIA+ Diversity


Inclusion of diverse sexualities, genders, and to some extent sexes, has been a relatively recent focus for many in education, psychology, health services, and public policy. In this moment of both historic progress, and extreme backlash, marked by both pro and anti LGBT legislations, and simultaneous increases in bias-motivated violence. [...]

Teaching Puberty for LGBTQIA+ Diversity2022-05-24T11:30:14-04:00

Heterosexual Men’s Accounts of Unwanted Sex


While scholars are giving greater attention than previously to sexual assault against women, they have ignored the fact that men report unwanted sex as well. This article examines 39 heterosexual men’s narratives about their experience of unwanted sex in college. [...]

Heterosexual Men’s Accounts of Unwanted Sex2022-05-10T15:39:26-04:00

Sex-related Distress& Self-medication Drinking In College Women


Consistent with self-medication theory, some drink to cope with sex-related distress, which may reduce distress, but lead to greater drinking quantity before sex and negative sexual consequences. How women with ASA histories navigate sexual situations and cope with sex-related distress is under researched. [...]

Sex-related Distress& Self-medication Drinking In College Women2022-05-03T19:17:46-04:00

Parental Rights in Education or Don’t say gay on Florida’s HB 1557


State lawmakers approved a bill that would prohibit classroom instruction on these issues in kindergarten through third grade. HB 1557 awaits the signature of Gov. Ron DeSantis, a Republican who has stood up for the bill as it has come under criticism from Walt Disney World, LGBTQ activists, the Biden White House and "Saturday Night Live." [...]

Parental Rights in Education or Don’t say gay on Florida’s HB 15572022-04-21T10:08:27-04:00

Florida Department of Health Releases Treatment of Gender Dysphoria for Children


Tallahassee, Fla. — Today, the Florida Department of Health released guidance regarding the treatment of gender dysphoria for children and adolescents. This guidance uses the most up-to-date scientific data available, and it prioritizes the overall health and well-being of Florida's children and adolescents. [...]

Florida Department of Health Releases Treatment of Gender Dysphoria for Children2022-05-03T19:18:59-04:00

Online Porn Addiction


With the inclusion of “Gambling Disorder” in the “Substance Use and Addictive Disorders” chapter of the DSM-5, the APA publicly acknowledged the phenomenon of behavioral addiction. Furthermore, “Internet Gaming Disorder” was placed in Section 3—conditions for further study. This represents the ongoing paradigm shift in the field of addictions that relates to addictive behavior, and paves the way for new research in the light of cultural changes caused by the new technologies. [...]

Online Porn Addiction2022-04-11T16:00:20-04:00

Impact of Disclosing Sex Secrets on Romantic Relationships


Mediation analyses found support for the notion that the type of romantic relationship an individual is in explains part of the association between keeping secrets and relationship satisfaction. Implications and future research considerations are suggested. [...]

Impact of Disclosing Sex Secrets on Romantic Relationships2022-04-06T15:34:53-04:00

Teens’ learning about sex & relationships


One of many factors fundamental for people’s experience of health and well-being is sexuality. Sexual health should be recognized as an affirmative concept associated with well-being and positive qualities and as being more than reproductive health. It is linked to the expression of individual and collective needs, human rights and responsibilities. [...]

Teens’ learning about sex & relationships2022-04-06T10:13:44-04:00

BDSM Disclosure and Stigma Management


The topic of disclosure of an interest in BDSM (an umbrella term for sexual interests including bondage, domination, submission/ sadism, and masochism) remains largely unaddressed in current resources. There is evidence that interest in BDSM is common (Renaud & Byers, 1999), often stigmatized, and that people hesitate to disclose it (Wright, 2006). [...]

BDSM Disclosure and Stigma Management2022-04-05T09:42:47-04:00


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