Automatic Electric Rechargeable Penis Pump
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Automatic Electric Rechargeable Penis Pump

  • Instant Boost in Size Sexual Tools for Male: Penis pumps are designed to create a vacuum suction to improve blood flow to penis and glans, which will most definitely boost your length and girth, as well as increase the duration of your erection and improve your sex performance sexual enhancers.
  • Safe To Use Sex Toys for Men: The main material of penis pump is silicone, ABS. Vacuum physical helping erection has no damage on body. Owing to pure vacuum physiotherapy, this male sex toy is a quite safe and effective way for a man to train penis erection without any harmful side effects. With regular use, this erection pump device will actually contribute to male penis health.
  • 2 Modes & 4 Suction Intensities Adult Toys for Men: The toys men adult has 2 modes available to choose from. The mode 1 can reach 55kPa with one key in 7 seconds, one-click pause and release air pressure. The mode 2 have 4 intensities to do pressure levels to gradually train the erection function of the penis. Beginners can start from mode 2, do not use the strongest negative pressure directly.
  • Quick Release Operation for Safety Use Toys for Men’s Sex: When you’ve reached your desired size or feeling hard, a quick-release valve offers instant relief when you want to stop. Easy to achieve the suction pressure you wish without straining yourself or causing harm.

Product Features

  • Medical-grade Silicone Sleeve
  • ABS Plastic Cylinder with Ruler Markings
  • Medical-grade PVC/Silicone Hose and Fitting
  • Easy to Use
  • Easy push buttons
  • Rechargeable Lithium Ion Battery and cable included

Initial Review:

The Automatic Electric Rechargeable Penis Pump is made of quality materials and has strong suction action with a quick release on the negative pressure. The unit comes with a Lithium Battery installed and a recharge cable.

Independent Review:

Currently out for testing.

American Board of Sexology Conclusion:

Waiting on return with a full review.


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