The Power, Play & Pleasure Workshop: Surrender to Your Desires

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The Power, Play & Pleasure Workshop: Surrender to Your Desires

March 11 @ 6:30 pm - 8:30 pm GMT
Embrace your raw, inner self and learn how to navigate the power dynamics that shape your most intimate bonds. With Q&A.

Power is a turn on. Surrendering control, seizing it – these acts make it possible for many of us to allow ourselves pleasure for pleasure’s sake, to be purely sexual, to step out of the societal expected roles. Fantasies about being a sexual slave, being a Master or Mistress and having slaves to meet your every need, having a harem, being carried off and ravaged are common and the basis for tons of erotica and even mainstream movies. Join Dr Lori Beth Bisbey in this electrifying workshop, and delve into the intricate interplay of power dynamics in sexual and romantic relationships. Learn how to transcend societal roles and embrace your raw, unbridled self.

Workshop Highlights

  • An overview of power dynamics in and out of the bedroom
  • Dominance, submission and switching – which role(s) will you choose?
  • Consent, negotiation and contracts – making power dynamics explicit
  • Creative ways to enact power dynamics in the bedroom
  • Enjoying power dynamics in your wider relationships
  • Highlighting power dynamics in an existing relationship
  • Finding a new partner to enjoy power dynamics with
  • There will be plenty of time for Q&A.

About the Facilitator

Dr Lori Beth Bisbey is a psychologist, accredited advanced GSRD (gender, sex, relationship diversity) therapist, sex & intimacy coach, author, podcast host speaker and resident specialist therapist on Open House: The Great Sex Experiment (channel 4). She has been working with people for the past 35 years to help them create and maintain incredible relationships that contain exciting sex and are without shame. She specialises in GSRD – which is gender, sex, and relationship diversity (which includes non-monogamy, kink and BDSM) and the treatment of trauma.

Testimonials from our guests

Seed Talks created a friendly and inclusive atmosphere, it was a really wonderful experience. Thank you Seed Talks for facilitating such a powerful and important platform. 100% recommend you check out a Seed Talk near you! – Anna F

Seed Talks have done an incredible job at making insanely cool topics easily digestible and enjoyable to learn about for one’s self improvement. It’s like Ted Talks, but cooler? And more accessible! – Eva W

I’ve attended a few of your talks over the past few months and have absolutely loved them so first of all thank you so much for bringing joy and understanding to the world of neuroscience. – Joe F

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