Utah Youth Know: Sex Education for High Schoolers (Communication Session)

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Utah Youth Know: Sex Education for High Schoolers (Communication Session)

March 12 @ 4:30 pm - 5:30 pm MDT
Utah Youth Know is a free community based sex education program that provides youth with sexual health education.

Utah Youth Know is a new community based sex education program. Below you will find additional information about the program, what teens can expect, and what we need from you–the parent or guardian!

This describes the Utah Youth Know program, what your youth will be asked to do, what they will learn in the program, and includes a permission slip for youth to participate. If youth do not have a consent form signed, they will not be able to participate.

What is Utah Youth Know?

This is a community-based sex education program for high school adolescents. We offer four sessions in total, but your youth does not have to attend all four sessions. They can attend just one session or any number of sessions that interest them. Our sessions mainly focus on relationships and communication, rather than the basics or anatomy of the reproduction system since those are routinely taught in schools. We use medically accurate and evidence-based information. Our four sessions include:

1. Peer Pressure (Session 1 March 5 4:30-5:30pm): Talks about how peers can influence our decisions and how we can be a positive peer influencer.

2. Communication (Session 2 March 12 4:30-5:30pm): Teaches youth about healthy communication with partners, boundaries, and consent.

3. Decision Making (Session 3 March 19 4:30-5:30pm): Teaches youth a decision-making process that can help them make decisions when faced with sexual activity and health decisions.

4. Contraceptives (Session 4 March 26 4:30-5:30pm): Provides an in-depth overview of the types of contraceptives available as well as STI prevention.

Parents should know that we utilize inclusive language and that all sexual and gender identities are welcome. Please make sure to sign up for each session through their individual Eventbrite links so that you are sent the Zoom link for each individual session that you would like your youth to attend.

What Utah Youth Know is Not.

1. We do not teach anatomy or reproductive health because those are typically taught in your adolescent’s school health class.

2. We do not distribute contraceptives, instead we provide education so youth are aware of the tools available.

3. We do encourage STI and pregnancy prevention knowledge, but we do not encourage sexual activity nor do we promote abstinence.

What do we need from you?

Please complete the consent form online prior to the start of the Zoom session. The online consent form can be found here by clicking on the link or copying and pasting this into your browser:


If your youth will attend more than one session, you only need to complete the consent form once. If you have more than one youth, please complete one consent form for each child.

By signing and completing this form you are: (1) giving your youth permission to attend the session (s), and (2) giving your youth permission to complete the evaluation surveys for the session(s) they will attend.

The evaluation surveys do not ask your youth about their personal behaviors, but instead ask about their knowledge related to the sessions (e.g., peer pressure). The surveys are used to improve the program for future youth and are not being used for research purposes.

Optional Pick Up Youth Swag Bag

We have a swag bag with some supplies and handouts that youth might find helpful during the sessions. To pick up a swag bag please drop by the Carbon County Extension office from 9:00am – 4:00pm Monday to Friday (closed 12-1pm for lunch) at 751 E 100 N, Suite 170 in Price.


If you have any questions about the sessions, surveys, or anything else related to Utah Youth Know, please reach out to Dr. Cris Meier at Utah State University via email (cris.meier@usu.edu).

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