Linking your American Board of Sexology Diplomat Certification to LinkedIn

A guide to link your American Board of Sexology certification to LinkedIn

If you are looking to build your profile within social media, we insist that you start with LinkedIn.  LinkedIn is the social media platform of choice for professionals looking to be recognized amongst their peers, employers, vendors, clients and potential customers. Read below if you would like to add your American Board of Sexology certification properly to your LinkedIn profile.

If you do not already have a LinkedIn account and profile, we suggest that you get one soon.  It is easy to setup and free by going directly to

First, you will want to go to your LinkedIn profile and “add” a new certification in the “Licenses and certifications” area under your profile. See below:

Under the “Name*”, be sure to put the proper name of your certification and in Clinical Sexology. So if you are a Certified Sexologist, type in Certified Sexologist in Clinical Sexology.  If you have a certificate in Tantra with the American Board of Sexology, you would type Tantra Certified Sexologist in Clinical Sexology.

Make sure to find and add the “Issuing organization*” the “American Board of Sexology”

We suggest that you enter the “Issue date” as the date you first received your American Board of Sexology certification. If it was back prior to the new numbering system, you use that date. Please be honest and truthful. We can only verify when questioned if the date is within a year of the actual issue date.

The “Expiration date” should be one year from when you renewed your certification last.  If you just received your certification this year, use the date your certification was completed and added to our directory.  We will be adding an actual expiration date to Directory listings soon which you can change this date later.

Under the “Credential ID”, use the new certification number sent to you via email when you received your American Board of Sexology certification.  You can also find this on your Directory Listing.

The “Credential URL” is a direct link back to your American Board of Sexology with the Credential ID number after the forward slash.  https://americanboardofsexology/XXXXX    (This would be your number as your ABS number)

We hope this answers some of your basic questions and we plan on adding more information about this process as we run into issues. Please feel free to let us know if it helps and what you would like added or changed.

Dr. Smith