Tiffany Downs

Tiffany Downs


Tiffany Downs
Therapist in Practice, Speaker, Social Influencer and Blogger on Women’s Empowerment

Sensual Bliss Life
Louisville, KY 40205

Email: blissfulbookings@gmail.com
Website: https://www.sensualblisslife.com

American Board of Sexology (ABS) #: 22141
Certified Sexologist
Apprentice in Sexology
Sex Coaching from The Inclusive Sex Coach Certification Program (Expected 2022)

Bachelors in Organizational Leadership from the University of Louisville
Associate in Science (AS) from Jefferson Community and Technical College

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I started Sensual Bliss in 2013 as a sensual dance instruction business that has since evolved into Sensual Bliss Life a lifestyle business that encompasses sensuality, women empowerment, confidence coaching intimacy coaching, sexual health education and kink knowledge business. A quick recap timeline, 2013 we had our first lingerie show and dance showcase which birthed our annual lingerie show Bedroom Bliss. In 2014 I started selling lingerie independently and started a model group that grew from just teaching them how to model but to also how to be soft and sensual. I enjoyed doing this so much that eventually it evolved into not only a sisterhood, but a women empowerment movement to uplift empower and encourage each other and others outside of our group. The preparation we’d embark on for our show created the foundation of my current business and allowed me to start coaching women on confidence building/rebuilding, self-image and sensuality. Which broadened my interests over the last couple of years to become a Certified Sexologist, from coaching women sensually I would get asked relationship advice and tips on how to help or relight the intimacy in their relationships or marriages. I decided I wanted to help others become comfortable with themselves sensually and with their relationships not just with sex, but overall intimacy. Being able to talk about it, their good and bad, how to ask questions and how they can work through them. I currently offer 1 on 1, group and couple sessions with clients based on their wants and needs. I am passionate and love what I do, helping individuals to improve their confidence and carry that from the bedroom to the boardroom, helping them become in-tune with their sensuality, intimacy and sex lives through coaching and education, while helping them explore, learn and understand new things about themselves and their partner.

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