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TorontoOntarioCanadaCertified Sexologist
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M6G 2K2
Certified Sexologist
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Bachelor of Education
Adult Education
Brock University
Certified Sex Educator
American College of Sexologists (ACS)
Vernal, also known as V, is an enlightening and enthusiastic educator. Being an avid, academic achiever, he graduated with several specializations. In turn, his well-rounded studies have garnered him with the privilege of working multi-nationally. From North and South America to Asia, specifically in China and Thailand, plus the online global classroom, V's accumulated leadership skills-set consists of:

* being a worldwide certified ESL Teacher who is also a college/university lecturer, plus a corporate trainer
* being a globally certified sexologist / sex educator who educates locals and newcomer residents of different ages
* being an executive board member for a condo complex, university student union, and media/press association
* leading teams of up to 30 workers to produce job fairs and workshops at schools, social agencies, and churches
* having amazing features on (syndicated) TV & radio shows, social media blogs, plus in newspapers & magazines
* being a philanthropic events producer for fundraising concerts and charity initiatives (drives for those in need)
* being an Election’s Deputy Returning Officer, supervising Ontario government voting poll stations in 2013 & 2022
* having an Interpersonal Mediation Certificate, St. Stephen’s Training, 2007. re: conflict management & prevention
* having Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act (AODA) Certificates in 2011, 2015, 2021, 2022, & 2023
* having American Hotel & Lodging Educational Institute Certificates in Front Desk Clerk & Customer Service, 2019
* having academic advising skills with the app-process, student motivation/success, degree types, loans & goals

V's motto is “respect and inclusion for all”. Throughout his travels, he connects with diverse cultures and people with challenges / disabilities. Those encounters have culminated into him making new friends. Subsequently, they have also empowered him to possess enhanced critical thinking abilities that astutely hone in on commencing, maintaining, and completing projects and neighbourhood functions compassionately in a myriad of contexts. With his varied credentials and creativity, he exudes the Renaissance era, and it keeps me diligent, dynamic, and in demand.

As a consultant, he designs, creates, facilitates, and produces various courses and programs. He works with several stakeholders, helping youth and adult newcomers from different socioeconomic demographics. V has trained children (grades 3 - 6), youth (grades 7 - 12) & adults (professional workers and VIP executives). He implements best practices to help scholars, including those with learning barriers, acquire new competencies. He utilizes the Smart Board, computer with projector, whiteboard, flip chart, chalk, and teleconferencing technologies. To date, he has educated over 100,000 participants via school assemblies, college/university campuses, libraries, social service agencies, job fairs, youth groups, student associations, newcomer clubs, recreation and religious centres, the media/online platforms, and business symposiums. Also, he won Top ESL Teacher Awards in 2016, 2017, & 2018 during my stint in China.

As a former banker, V possesses fortified financial concept knowledge and experience, which include demystifying accounts and service plans (for individuals & small businesses), consumer credit, mortgage financing, travel insurance, and basic investments. He was also a financial literacy educator when Ie worked in the social services sector.

As a former job developer at government-funded community agencies, V was contracted to hire, train, coach, place, and check-in with clients on-the-job to offer guidance, encouragement, and valuable advice. He advocated for them to secure childcare, clothing, transportation, work insurance, and meal allowance benefits, so the program participants could excel at their job intern placements. So far, V has mentored over 2,500 stakeholders and was their reference.

V's charismatic character traits include taking initiative, multitasking well, embracing challenges with a smile, being a team player with clients and staff alike, driven, congenial, plus hard-working in the hectic, ever-changing workforce.

Unquestionably, V is committed to making an integral difference as an exceptional entrepreneur, a trailblazer, and caring executive.

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