Academy for Sexology

The Academy for Sexology is an International Private Higher Education Distance-Learning University since 2002. We exclusively specialize in Sexology.

It is our vision to ensure the optimal sexual health, sexual well-being and sexual happiness of all human beings on all aspects of sexuality: procreation, relation and recreation.

In order to achieve this vision – the Academy for Sexology adhered to the recommendations by the World Health Organization. We contributed significantly in the establishing of sexology as a field of study in its own right (WHO, 1975 and 2001). We have also succeeded in establishing (2002) a resource center to provide consultation and assistance in programs of training, production of educational materials, research, and therapy related to sexuality. (WHO, 1975 and 2001).

We offer:

Academic programs on tertiary level: (Bachelors / Masters & Doctors degrees in Sexology. Our aim is to provide world class quality training to sexual health professionals in order to become sexual advisors / counselors (Bachelors), sex therapists (Masters) and sexologists (Doctors).
Career-enhancing sexological programs on a postgraduate level to all related professionals such as medical doctors, psychologists, social workers, lawyers, theologians, educational professionals etc.
Sexual life-enhancement programs to any member of the public (practical short courses with a solid theoretical basis).


The promotion and protection of all human sexual rights
Academic integrity and the sustaining of the highest academic standards
A multi-cultural Higher Education Institution with no discrimination of any kind

Motho ke motho ka batho babangwe (A human being is a human being through other human beings)

Dedicated w-holistic academic support to all our students

Practical and outcome-based training from a solid theoretical foundation
Inter/trans-disciplinary, all-inclusive curriculum of the highest quality
The sustainability and the continuous enhancement of all our programs
To provide continuously and innovatively qualitative & quantitative research in sexology

To assist local and international universities to establish sexology as a discipline

To promote and enhance the national & international status of the two sexological professional bodies (Sexology SA & SASSERT – Sub Saharan Africa Society of Sexuality Advisors, Educators, Researchers & Therapists (Inc 1998) ) and our international associates.

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