International Center For Psychogenealogy (ICP)

About the International Center for Psychogenealogy (ICP)

The world’s prime core for Psychogenealogy

International Center for Psychogenealogy (ICP) is an international organization, member of American Society of Group Psychotherapy and Psychodrama (ASGPP). ICP is founded in 2018 with two distinctive aims: Educational and Learning Transgenerational Psychotherapy.
Our guidance programs is designed for people who are interested to learn more, for practitioners and professionals.

ICP was created with the purpose to develop psychogenealogy, make researches in this field, develop the standards of professional trainings and competences, and popularization of psychogenealogy. Has members in 7 countries, from Asia, Africa Europe and USA.

The workshops and courses were delivered to over 300 participants from over 20 countries.


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