ACS Certified

The American College of Sexologists (ACS) is a professional association that was established in the State of California on June 9th, 1978 for the purpose of providing professional standards for the training and certification of Sexologists, and those institutions that offer training in Sexology, as well as providing recognition of the work of other professionals involved in the fields of Sexology and Erotology.

In addition, The American College of Sexologists also seeks to address the following goals:

The development and promotion of the discipline of Sexology worldwide.
Defining the scope of sexology to include a broad range of sexuality professionals, clinical sexologists, sex educators, sex researchers, Sexological body workers, appraisers of erotological material and members of the sex industry.
The establishment of a mechanism for facilitating communications among sexologists.
On January 1st, 2002 the American College of Sexologists became a part of the Exodus Trust in order for it to function as a nonprofit organization with the same goals and purposes as the Exodus Trust.

As of today, The American College of Sexologists International is managed by an Executive Director and a Board of Directors serves in an advisory capacity. Various committees composed of members of ACS and members of the Advisory Board help to expedite the work of the association.


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