Who is the American Board of Sexology?

The American Board of Sexology is an professional verification institution of doctoral professors and research specialist that review and qualify candidates in the field of Sexology. This log standing board has been around since 1986 and was started by Dr. Granzig, Ph.D. , former AASEC president from 1978-1980 and was also the President and Dean of the American Academy of Clinical Sexology from 1989-2019.

Why should I be “Certified”?

Certification brings about clarification to potential clientele and verifies authority in the profession.  We here at the American Board of Sexology verify the authenticity of each professional listed in the directory. It is a peer review process with an expertise by our research specialist to authenticate each member. The public trusts our directory and our listed Sexologists to provide the best possible care in the field of study.

What if there is a poor performing member?

Our Member’s clients have the ability to review each member for quality of service in our directory with both a star rating and a place to document the reasons.  Our team reads each and every review for accuracy and give the opportunity for the listing member to either comment or petition for review.  All petitions for review will be addressed by our team and a decision will be made per situation. We offer a fair and objective review process. We also do not accept “pay for play” compensation to have negative reviews removed or only post positive reviews.

What type of membership should I sign up for?

Most member sign up for the Professional Membership which gives you all the rights under the Certification and allows for a vote on the board members.  The Apprentice Membership is for students in the field, typically looking for career opportunities or are already in the profession, but still working on a degree.  The Retired Membership is for those individuals who are still active in the profession or who want to mentor others.  A Retired Member typically does not have an office or has paying clients.

Should I use my photo in the Directory Listing?

As we all learned in the most basic phycology classes in human behavior back in college, humans are visual and want to connect with something familiar. You face gives your clientele comfort when choosing your services and feel even more comfortable seeing your face prior to a first meeting. So our answer is an emphatic, YES. You will want to submit a 250 pixel by 250 pixel .JPG or .PNG for use in the Directory Listing.