Who is the American Board of Sexology?

The American Board of Sexology is a professional verification organization known as the Board comprising of doctoral professors, professional therapists, and research specialists to provide peer reviews of applicants and award certifications in the field of Sexology. Applicants are typically specialized in the field of Sexology with higher education provided by a university, college, private school, training program, online education, apprentice programs, or still working toward a degree or certification.

The American Board of Sexology was started 1986 by the late Dr. William A. Granzig, Ph.D. CSTS, a former American Association of Sexuality Educators, Counselors and Therapists (AASEC) president from 1978-1980 and was also the President and Dean of the American Academy of Clinical Sexology (AACS) from 1989-2019.

Where is the PORN?

The American Board of Sexology contains sensitive topics not typically accepted by all societies, governments, and religions around the world.  The objective of the American Board of Sexology, its use of a website and the Directory Listing is to qualify professionals in field of Sexology and uphold ethics within the field.  The American Board of Sexology is not in the business to expose the general public to obscenities or visuals typically not accepted online by the general public. Any content that is considered unacceptable will be removed or posted in a restricted area for paid and verified members only.

If you are looking for pornography, and we do not judge, you have found the wrong place.  🙁

Why should I be “Certified”?

Certification brings about clarification to potential clientele and verifies your authority in the profession.  The American Board of Sexology verifies the authenticity of each professional listed in the Directory Listing. It is a peer review process with an expertise by our research specialist to authenticate each member. The public trusts the American Board of Sexology and come to rely on the Directory Listings of Sexologists to provide the best possible care in the field of study.

I created my account, I want to be “Verified”?

Creating your account with a username and password is the first step in becoming a certified sexologist.  The verification process would require our team to perform a background check and confirm your submitted education, licenses, employment, business information, publications and media.  Verification is given when you apply for a certification with the American Board of Sexology by choosing a certification and investing in the membership fee.  Certification and definitions are listed here: https://americanboardofsexology.org/certifications/

What if I receive poor service from a Sexologist?

As a client, you have the ability to review each member for quality of service in our directory with both a star rating and a place to document the reasons.  Our team reads each and every review for accuracy and give the opportunity for the listing member to either comment or petition for review.  All petitions for review will be addressed by our team and a decision will be made per situation. We offer a fair and objective review process. We also do not accept “pay-for-play” compensation to have negative reviews removed or only post positive “puff” reviews. Please note that you will need to create an account to write a review and we cannot post “anonymous” reviews as this would disparage a member without the ability to correct the issue.

What type of membership should I sign up for?

Most member sign up for the Professional Membership which gives you all the rights under the Certification and allows for a vote on the board members.  The Apprentice Membership is for students in the field, typically looking for career opportunities or are already in the profession, but still working on a degree.  The Retired Membership is for those individuals who are still active in the profession or who want to mentor others.  A Retired Member typically does not have an office or has paying clients.

Should I use my photo in the Directory Listing?

As we all learned in the most basic psychology classes in human behavior back in college, humans are visual and want to connect with something familiar. Your face gives your clientele comfort when choosing your services and feel even more comfortable seeing your face prior to a first meeting.

So our answer is an emphatic, YES.  You will want to submit a 500 pixel by 500 pixel or greater .JPG or .PNG for use in the Directory Listing. Click here to update your online photo to be listed.  Please note that after submission, you will want to notify us that is has been done by using our online form.  At this time, we have locked all updates profile images for a review by one of our team members before releasing to the Directory.  This is keep accidental and inappropriate images from being displayed.

I updated my photo, but it has not changed in the Directory Listing?

At this time, we have locked all updates to the profile images for a review by one of our team members before releasing to the Directory.  We do this to prevent inappropriate images and or correct images to properly fit into the page layout. Remember to submit color photos with a front headshot view of yourself.  Please remember to properly frame the image as to not cut off your face or have advertisements that may violate copyrights.

Once you upload your image, please notify us by using the online form here: https://americanboardofsexology.org/contact/

Does my “title” and “post nominals” get printed on my certificate?

The American Board of Sexology’s board agreed to follow the standards set forth by United States Department of Education by only including the applicants given name, legal first name, given middle name, middle initial, religious taken name, family surname, hyphenated dual last name, married name or legally registered name for the certification.  Please note that in certain situations, visible online certifications may display a faux name to keep the certified professional’s anonymity.  Situations may include government employees, special operations members, celebrity personalities,  personal or family safety concerns, religious or societal persecution.

Certifications shall not include titles, honors, licenses, nicknames, or post nominals due to status of the individual being certified. While the American Board of Sexology verifies the status of all applicants upon approval to the best of their ability, they are not responsible for incorrectly awarded degrees, certification updates or license status after being certified.

Why does my listing state “Pending Renewal”?

If your Directory Listing is in “Pending Renewal” status, your credit card may have expired or is not allowing for automatic renewals.  You will want to log into your account and renew your certification by selecting it again and complete the checkout process.  Please note that the reactivation of your account may take up to 72 hours since our team will need to verify everything is up to date and correct.

Why is a Sexologist in “Expired” status?

Sexologist’s may be in “Expired” status for many reasons and this does not necessarily reflect on them negatively as a professional practicing in the field.  What this means is that the professional sexologist has not renewed their American Board of Sexology certification and we are unable to verify their current status.  History with the American Board of Sexology does not exist or is out of date from the original background investigation and professional verifications. It is possible that the member has not completed continuing education required by certain jurisdictions,  may no longer have a license, has changes business plans, failed to meet the requirements to be renewed, or may no longer be in practice.