Your current board members on the American Board of Sexology

The board is comprised of no less than four (4) members and no more than eight (8) as per the American Board of Sexology Charter.  New Board members are currently selected among peers that are active ABS Certified Diplomates and have agreed upon duties to serve as a Board member. Board members can serve a minimum of one (1) year up to a lifetime if agreed upon by the other Board members.  Removal of the board can be done by a Board vote or if the member request to step down from the obligation.

Board duties include the facilitating testing, background checks, education qualifications, business license validation, monitoring reviews, qualifying moral and professional standards, rules and regulations, directory listings, certifications, charter changes, and disciplinary actions for new and current ABS Certified Diplomates.

The Board currently contracts some of the research functions, background checks, education verifications, technical website design, updates, functionality, secure certifications, directory publications, and social media marketing.