Certified Sexologist Certification

The Certified Sexologist certification is for the professional in the field of Sexology, Clinical Sexology, Sex Education, Sex Therapy, Psychology, Psychotherapy, Social Work, Holistic Sex Therapy, Tantric Therapy, Somatic Therapy, Sex Coaching, Public Information Education, sex coaching, sex talk, relationship advice forums both in blogs and social media, Researchers, Medical Doctors specialized in sexual issues, Marriage Counselors, and authors on the subject of sex, treatment, products, aids and sexual relationships.

Education Note: A Medical Degree, Doctorate, Ph.D., Masters, Bachelors, or an Associates degree, is NOT required for this certification. An applicant should have a certificate of completion or a license in the field related to Sexology or document work in the field in the online application.

Special Note: Those in the process of obtaining a Doctorate, Ph.D., in the field of study, can upgrade from the Certified Sexologist to the Board Certified Diplomate with no upgrade fee for the first year. The Board offers this to encourage those seeking a higher post graduate degree to obtain mentoring from other certified members.

We are glad to see that you take your profession seriously and want to be a part of the largest group of professional Sexologists worldwide.  Please follow the steps below to receive your certification. (Note: If this is a renewal, please follow the below steps as this process was implemented on 1/1/2023)

  • Create your User Account if you have not done so already.  You can also create an account during the checkout process. (Note: You will need to do the next step to be approved for the Certification)

  • Next, you will want to create and add information to your Directory Listing. This information is used by our team to validate your education, experience, training, credentials, and perform all necessary background checks. (Note: Do not add confidential items you do not want viewed by the public)

  • Upload you Directory Listing Photo so we can verify who you are and others viewing your profile can rest assure that they are working with a professional. (Note: All profiles must have a photo of the professional being certified.)

We ask that you are truthful when filling out the Directory Listing. Our team of specialists will verify this information in the process of awarding you your certification and acceptance into the American Board of Sexology.

Our team can typically preform verifications on the information provided within 72 hours of an application submission.  Once approved by the Board, your information and ABS Certification will be seen in the Directory Listing. You will also receive the official secure Adobe .PDF printable version by email.

Any updates to your Directory Listing Photo may take 48 hours to be displayed. Our software is designed to verify the authenticity of the image being submitted.