American Board of Sexology Diplomate Certificate:

The Covid-19 pandemic changed the world and we relied on technology to continue to operate. We have introduced the new American Board of Sexology Diplomate Certificate with the same basic visual look of the previous printed certifications for framing.

Through certification by The American Board of Sexology, practitioners establish their competence and achievements in sexology in association with a dynamic organization setting standards for clinical sexologists, sex therapists, counselors and researchers as well as educators. Consumers recognize Board certification as assurance that professionals meet established standards in education and experience in the field.

The NEW American Board of Sexology Secure Digital Printable Electronic Certificate

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The NEW American Board of Sexology Diplomate Certificate explained

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New Certificate Features:

The new certificate comes with new features found in the latest technology of digital documents.  The certificate is in color and the new ABS logo is at a 24 bit color depth. Next, the certification comes with a New Certification Number that can be verified on the the American Board of Sexology website.  Finally, we use a 256-bit AES Digital Signature provided by Adobe which creates a universally recognized encrypted certificate which requires our servers to decrypt and verify if validation is requested.

Certificate Authentication:

To verify that a certificate holder is Board Certified, student or retired and active or NOT Board Certified, expired, or banned from practice, you can use the printed certificate number and add it to the web address: https://americanboardofsexology/XXXXX

Where XXXXX is the certificate number of the professional in question.  After adding the address to your browser of choice, you will be redirected to the members Directory Listing profile, which will give the professional’s status.  The below images show a non-Board Certification in red and a Board Certified designation in green. Other status can include Student, Retired, Expired or Banned. Clicking the designation will give you a definition of the meaning.

Verify the Diplomate Certification in Adobe PDF format:

If you have obtained a copy of the Diplomate Certificate in Adobe PDF format, you will notice in the “Properties” section that there is a link to the online verification of the professional printed on the front within the Directory Listing.  If there is no member actually listed with the address given, it is more than likely a fraudulent certificate. We asked that you notify the American Board of Sexology as soon as possible if this happens. We will follow up with all appropriate legal actions.

Verify the PDF certificate with the LIVE Directory Listing

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Use of the Adobe PDF Diplomate Certificate

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Use of the Diplomate Certification in Adobe PDF format:

The Adobe PDF version of the Diplomate Certification is perfect for sending to potential clientele questioning your credentials. You can also post the PDF as well and the Image version of the certification to your webpage or social media.  When posting the PDF version, typically web browsers will only allow a viewer of it to download.  The image version of the certification can be displayed and seen with all web browsers and is recommended for use in printing for display and framing on your wall.  Controlled settings allow for High Resolution, 300 dots-per-inch,  8.5 inch by 11 inch, color printing on any paper of your choice. This allows for flexibility on the decor of your office with any color shade of paper, multiple copies to display and it can never be lost.

Security of the Diplomate Certification in Adobe PDF format:

We use the latest in 256 bit encrypted security settings within the digital document provided by Adobe. We have teamed up with for information technology services and digital marketing to provide us with the latest technological advancements in electronic document control.

Diplomate Adobe PDF Certificate Security

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