American Board of Sexology Certificate Status Verification

Use the below form to search an American Board of Sexology certificate holders validation status. Results should be the member in which the certification matches. If there are no results, then the certificate number is invalid. If you receive a member, click on the professional and verify the status. Active listed professionals should be in “Board Certified Diplomate”, “Certified Sexologist”, “Student Sexologist”, or “Retired Mentor” status. Some members may be in a “Pending Certification” or “Expired” status.  This status does not disqualify them from being a professional in the field, but they are not American Board of Sexology verified and do not currently hold an active Certification from our organization. Please note, that you will find some members with NO status or NO image to match the name. These members are still being updated by the system during the latest migration to the new Directory Listing. Check back later if you are interested in those individuals lacking an updated status.