We are glad to see that you take your profession seriously and want to be a part of the largest group of professional Sexologists worldwide. We ask that you are truthful and fill out the below form to the best of your ability. Our team of specialists will verify all collected data to award you with your certification and acceptance into the organization.

Use this form for both new request and renewals of a certification. Renewals can skip questions with information already in the Directory Listing if it is correct.

A Board Certified Diplomate is for the highly specialized Sexologist with a post graduate degree and working in the field of Sexology.  This professional typically hold a Ph.D., M.D., Psy.D. or other qualifying degree of higher education or a finishing degree in the field of Sexology.

Please note that there is a higher requirement for this certification than for a Certified Sexologist and does require approval from Board. The candidate must meet all of the qualifications, degree requirements and be in good standing with the community. We will perform a background check and verification of all educational institutions. Exceptions or exemptions are at the discretion of the Board.

The Board Certified Diplomate certification offers the full benefits of the Directory Listing including your business name, office address, direct link to your business phone, direct link to email, website links, social media links, full biography, education, other certifications, dissertations, papers, articles, blog links, digital and printed publications including books and media for sale. This includes books on Amazon and YouTube Podcasts. We recommend a profile photo (250px X 250px) and will add a copy of your American Board of Sexology Certification. We allow for and can include or exclude any type of contact information displayed in the Directory Listing.

You will also receive a your American Board of Sexology certification in a secure and certified Adobe Acrobat PDF electronic document.  The certification has an encrypted key and a validation link address to the Directory Listing for authenticity. This certification can be printed or display, emailed, or placed on your business or personal website. We also provide a JPG (jpeg) format version for website and social media display.

Your certification allows for posting answers and responding to potential clientele within the Sexology Forums.  Finally, all Board Certified Diplomates will have voting rights and can be an Officer on the Board. Only $20.75 a month.