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Sex is Your Superpower

Online Event

You deserve more money, love, and peace of mind. This masterclass is the best out there and it will help you easily get them all!This event is structured around chapters [...]


A virtual 3-day intensive for practicing and emerging sexuality professionals.Drs. Bianca Laureano, MA, CSE, CSES, and Sheila Addison LMFT, CST, present this intensive, three-day training for practicing and emerging sexuality [...]

Sex and Somatics

Tools to bring you closer to you or whomever you choose!Do you need help getting in to your body or struggle with connecting to others?Do you just want more tools [...]

Sex, marriage, grace and the Gospel

Online Event

In exploring the profound intersections of sex, marriage, grace, and the gospel, we uncover a tapestry of spiritual significance.In exploring the profound intersections of sex, marriage, grace, and the gospel, [...]

Education and Support for the Non-Orgasmic Female

This education and support group is designed to help women who do not experience, or who have difficulty with reaching orgasm.This course will be held on the following Mondays from [...]

Love, Sex & Sensuality Summit

Online Event

Join us for juicy conversations, expert insights, and transformative experiences at the Love, Sex & Sensuality Summit!Tune in for an electrifying discussion where we delve deep into the realms of [...]

Love and Sex on the Autism Spectrum

Online Event

This ain't no Netflix show - this workshop delves into the misunderstood ways autistics initiate, nuture, and maintain relationships!Join Daisy Montgomery, CEO of Autistics Anonymous, as she and her husband [...]

SIR (Sex Intimacy and Relationships) Virtual Meeting

Online Event

This gathering for men seeks to lower the walls of secrecy around sex, intimacy and relationships.SIR (Sex Intimacy and Relationships) Virtual MeetingPlease Note: This event is open only to those [...]

Sexual Health Virtual Clinical Conference

The annual Solent Sexual Health Clinical Conference returns virtually for 2024. Please note the start and finish times are TBC.This one day virtual clinical conference is £60 and will be [...]


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