Step 1 – Verify and Search if you already have an account with the American Board of Sexology

To verify if you have an account with the American Board of Sexology, search for your name using the search input line after clicking on the magnifying glass icon in the upper right hand corner of the screen.

When you click the magnifying glass, you will open up the SEARCH menu to type your name and press enter to start the Search.  If you come up in the Search, you can skip to Step 5 – Reset your password or forgot your username.

You could also use the below Search bar:

Step 1 - Verify if you already have an account with the American Board of Sexology

Step 2 – Create a USER ACCOUNT with the American Board of Sexology

On the main page menu bar, click on ACCOUNT, then click on the CREATE USER ACCOUNT submenu item.  If you already have an account with the American Board of Sexology, you can skip this part as a duplicate account will be deleted.

Step 2 - Create a USER ACCOUNT with the American Board of Sexology

Step 3 – Filling out the USER ACCOUNT and APPLICANT form

The New USER ACCOUNT form has two parts. The top section if the basic information for both certification applicants and non-applicants (patient reviewers, potential clients seeking to message professionals, and future applicants seeking advice).  The  bottom section starts after the verification of your created password and is clearly designated for applicants potential applicants for certification and a directory listing.

Please fill out the fields to the best of your ability based on the information requested of each field.  Do not add additional text, code, jargon or CAPITALIZE everything in the fields. Since the American Board of Sexology is international,  phone numbers should start with the + country code if known.  The “City”, “Country” and “E-Mail Address” fields are required as with the “First Name” and “Last Name” fields.  The “Name Prefix” should only be used if you hold a degree to be qualified as a Dr. (Doctor).  This includes holding a doctor of Philosophy, Medical, Education, Religion, etc…  The “Postnominals” field is the actual title of the degree, license or certification held. Examples would be Ph.D., MD, Psy.D., M.E.D., MA, MS, LCSE, BS, BA, AASECT, ACS, etc…..

The bottom section of this form is for those seeking or potentially seeking a certification with the American Board of Sexology.  Filling out this section does not obligate the user to be an applicant for certification and all sections are not required to be qualified to receive a certification.  Please note that some certifications do require specific qualifications before being awarded.

The bottom section of this form is also a brief part of the full application that can be found in Step X – Completing your  DIRECTORY LISTING.  If needed, changes to this information provided here can be done within the DIRECTORY LISTING at a later time.

Finally, you will want to check the box stating that you agree to our privacy policy before clicking on the “Create Account” button.  We invite you to click on the “Show privacy policy” text to read our policy. The biggest part is that we do not give or sell your information or data to any third parties. We hate SPAM as we are sure you do too.

Step 3 - Filling out the USER ACCOUNT and APPLICANT form
Step 3 - Filling out the APPLICANT form

Step 4 – Uploading your profile picture for the Directory Listing

People are visual and is why the internet has so successful for professional marketing their services.  Potential clients and other Sexologists searching for connections in your related specialty feel more comfortable when they can connect a face with a Directory Listing (a.k.a. an online Curriculum Vitae, Resume, “Yellow Pages” listing).  As a part of the verification process to become a certified sexologist and receive a certification, it is required to provide a profile image of the applicant. If you would like receive a certification and not have a listing in the Directory,  please let us know to remove your listing once approved or anytime after.  We understand that some may not want to be listed due to security issues, second professions, persecution by governments or society. Please note we have other methods of securing and protecting your profile if needed.

Your Image on the American Board of Sexology

Minimum Picture Requirements:
500 pixels by 500 pixels square at 72 dots-per-inch

Step 5 – Reset your password or forgot your username

With so many accounts with passwords everywhere, its going to happen.  If your name shows up in the Directory Listing, then there must be an account with us.  In very rare occasions on older accounts, there may not be an email directly tied to the account.  In this situation, please send us a request to correct this using our online CONTACT US form under the ABOUT section.

To reset your password or you do know know your username are done on the same for under the LOGIN menu item.  Click on the PASSWORD RESET sub-menu item to be taken to the Password Reset page.

Step 4 - Resetting your password or forgot the username

Step 6 – Selecting your certification

The American Board of Sexology has expanded beyond the original Board Certified Diplomate Certification which required a Ph.D. or equivalent doctorate degree.  The ABS offers the Certified Sexologist Certification for those without a Ph.D. or equivalent doctorate degree.  The Apprentice in Sexology Certification is for the student or those just starting out in the field of Sexology.  A Certified Mentor Certification is designed for the Sexologist retired in the field and is not operating a professional business.

The ABS also offers specialty certifications and are typically held as a secondary to the Diplomate certification or the Certified Sexologist certification.  The Certified Somatic Certification and the Certified Tantra Certification are for those who have been trained in the specialty fields. A Certified Holistic Sexologist has been trained in eastern or non-traditional institutionalized medical treatments. The Certified Sexology Device Specialist Certification if for those who specialize in the manufacturing or testing of devices used in sexual healing or entertainment. A Certified Public Information Sexologist Certification is designed for authors, live or vlogger social media personalities, bloggers, researchers, and TV/Radio hosts and the Certified Sexology Educator Certification is for the Sexologist who works in the educational field of teaching other Sexologist, Sexual Education, Professors of Sexology, private schools or continuing education (CEU) classes.

American Board of Sexology Somatic Certified Sexologist Certification

Step 7 – Approval process

Once you complete the above steps, it is only a matter of time before you receive your American Board of Sexology certification.  It typically takes (5) five business days for the process to receive your certification and Directory Listing.  Our team will first verify your online identity and cross reference social media accounts, search engines and other professional directories.  The team will also verify your listed degrees, schools attended, and licenses with the educational authorities, government health services, public and private authorities in each state, county or governmental regulators. Next, the team will perform a background check on the applicant for any felonies that conflict with the certification applied for or crimes against humanity.  Please note that arrest record does not disqualify an applicant for certification. If a disqualification for cortication occurs for any reason, the applicant can appeal to the Board for a second review, choose a different certification with a refund on the difference if possible, or receive a full refund.

The next step includes a verification of employment or business check with a verification on address, listed websites, phone numbers and social media accounts.  The team will also look into publications, broadcasts, shows, online stores, products and public reviews listed on review sites.  Please note that negative customer or client reviews are very subjective and must meet a very high bar and also numerous from multiple sources to even be considered relevant for a disapproval of certification. The team will also verify any groups involved and other certification from other related organizations, like the AASECT, IITAP, SSSS, WASC, AAMFT, ACS, and more.

At this time and due to being a worldwide organization, testing, continuing educational units, and a presenting papers in front of Board is not necessary to receive a certification.  There are future plans in the works for online testing to compliment the achievements by an applicant in certification.

The final process is for your application to be reviewed by either (2) two peer Board members for a Diplomate Certification or (1) Board member for any of the other certifications.  Once approved your certification will be electronically delivered to you by way of the email used when creating your account. You can verify your certification online by using your new ABS number at the end of the web HTML address of, (where XXXXX is your number printed on the certification).  You can also verify if a certification is active or expired online here by just entering in the certified members number:


  • Green Certified Logo
  • Proper image
  • Pre and Post Nominals
  • ABS post nominal designation
  • Social Media links
  • Blue Verification Check
  • Gray Gear (Only on your profile to edit page)
  • City, State, County
  • Certification logo and type
  • Reviews and more…