12 Sexpert Mistakes

12 Common Mistakes Sexperts Make When Running a Business

This article is presented by the Sexperts Business Community

Judging by the success stories touted in the various entrepreneurial platforms and in the books, it might seem to a lot of people that starting a business is easy. If you are new to the business world and you are looking to start or improve your business, then you need a realistic picture of what that entails. This blog will look at some of the common mistakes that new entrepreneurs, specifically sexperts, make.

# 1 Using Social Media to Draw New Clients

Trying to recruit new clients via social media is a major and yet common mistake. A study by findmysexpert in 2020 found that most people do not consider social media as a trusted place to seek and find sexuality professionals. Shout out: We are in partnership with findmysexpert.com – our members get generous discounts for their advertising on the #1 sexual wellness platform. Join our community and you’ll find out more about this opportunity.

#2 Scarcity Mindset Standing In Their Way

Not addressing their own scarcity mindset when it comes to getting clients and spending money on tools, events, professional business support, outsourcing etc. that can scale their business is a major reason why sexperts are not successful and struggle with low income, burnout and more.

#3 Drawing Only Free-riders

Spending too much time and resources on giving away their knowledge for free – in the form of webinars, articles for magazines, SM posts/videos, etc. This tends to draw more free-riders, not people who are ready to pay and actually invest in their growth.

#4 Neglecting The Power Of Networking & Community

Failing to network with colleagues and thus missing out on opportunities to learn from folk who have similar experiences, build relationships that can lead to partnerships and thus business growth and more. When you network and have colleagues you trust, you are more likely to get referrals from them, to collaborate on organizing events and webinars, to creating products together that can generate great income and more. Don’t neglect networking – your network is your net-worth.

#5 Doing It All Yourself

A common rookie mistake is DIYing one’s website, with no knowledge of graphic design, user experience and journey on the site, and no good sales copy of the texts. If your potential clients don’t like what they see, and cannot relate to the texts from your website – they’ll pass. We have an interview with an expert on the topic in our eBook – check it out for top insights.  https://www.sbc-int.com/ebook-for-sexperts-business-guide

#6 Not Knowing How and Where Clients Find You

It’s a huge mistake to not be asking potential clients where – on what website/platform etc. they found your services. This lack of information makes it impossible for professionals to work harder to further improve the channels that bring them the most traffic and clients.

#7 Spending Money On Advertising That Doesn’t Work

Spending money on FB adverts is a waste. Not only that sexperts are massively censored on FB, but people don’t trust Social Media with their sex lives – this was confirmed by a research done by findmysexpert.com

#8 Not Monetizing Their Knowledge

Not monetizing their knowledge to the fullest and not creating passive income streams for themselves. We have an article on the topic in our eBook, make sure you check it out. https://www.sbc-int.com/ebook-for-sexperts-business-guide

#9 Not Having Processes & Procedures

Not having a process for their work – from how they communicate with potential clients during a discovery call through following up with clients and more. This lack of process and procedure means that there’s no order to events, no way to assess what may need changing and how things can be improved for the smooth running of the business.

#10 Not Using Client Agreements or Contracts

Not using Client Agreements/ Contracts is purely dangerous and inviting trouble. Contracts protect professionals and their work with clients as well as the clients themselves.

#11 Not Having a Business Mentor

Not having a business mentor as a sexpert is another common mistake. Take your own advice and seek professionals who are good & can mentor you in business just as you mentor folks in their sex lives. We created a quiz to help you find out if you should get a business mentor: https://www.sbc-int.com/business-coaching

#12 Not Collaborating

As we mentioned earlier, your network is your net-worth and not collaborating and/or cross-promoting with fellow sexperts is a major loss. The reason why successful people are successful is because they are great at having a decent network of people who support them, promote their work, make valuable introductions and so much more. Being part of our community will help you establish relationships with others and grow your business much more. Don’t be a stranger – there are many ways you can participate in the community.