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How to renew your ABS Certification


Renew your certification annually and get the blue verified check. Certified Sexologists are peer reviewed, credentialed, and recognized internationally. Non-certified practitioners in Sex Therapy create [...]

How to renew your ABS Certification2024-04-11T12:28:07-04:00

What is Authentic Tantra® ?


Tantra can heal and transform trauma through practicing techniques that can help you regulate your nervous system and the vagus nerve. It can also help you [...]

What is Authentic Tantra® ?2024-01-29T18:11:24-05:00

Becoming a Sex Professional


A sex coach is a professional who guides individuals or couples in their journey toward achieving a fulfilling sex life. This involves assisting clients to address sexual concerns, improve communication, and enhance their sexual [...]

Becoming a Sex Professional2024-01-29T18:11:25-05:00

What is gender-affirming care?


As states move to restrict certain treatments for transgender youth, experts explain the many types of care, the need for them, and their impact [...]

What is gender-affirming care?2024-01-29T18:11:27-05:00

Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About Santa Fetish


There is no widely-accepted definition of a Santa fetish—even in expert sexological literature. “While [the term] may have been around for a while in the kink community… it has not been part of the clinical diagnostic nomenclature,” sex therapist Dr. Tammy Nelson told Zipper. “It’s more colloquial… It’s not an academic term.” [...]

Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About Santa Fetish2024-01-29T18:11:31-05:00

American College of Sexologist (ACS) ?


As of September 2022 the American College of Sexologists (ACS) website closed without notification. The American Board of Sexology (ABS) can however offer you a new certification if you were left abandoned by the ACS. We understand that this can be troublesome if you are trying to keep up with your credentials. [...]

American College of Sexologist (ACS) ?2024-01-29T18:11:31-05:00
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