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LGBGTQ+ Sex Tips from ChatGPT – Artificial Intelligence (A.I.)


As an AI language model, I have no personal experience with sex, but I can share some common knowledge. While orgasm may be an important part of sex, it is not the only purpose. [...]

LGBGTQ+ Sex Tips from ChatGPT – Artificial Intelligence (A.I.)2023-06-15T10:09:04-04:00

Gender, Sex, and Sexual Orientation


Sexual orientation relates both to the types of partners to whom an individual is romantically and/or sexually attracted and also to how one identifies in this regard (e.g., straight, gay, lesbian, bisexual). Sexual orientation and gender identity are distinct constructs. A transgender individual may identify as straight, gay, lesbian, bisexual, or some other sexual orientation entirely. [...]

Gender, Sex, and Sexual Orientation2023-02-24T09:06:47-05:00

German Society for Social Scientific Sexuality Research (DGSS)


From the very beginning, the DGSS has emphasized the importance of the social, behavioral, and cultural sciences for an adequate understanding of the human sexualities in their many forms, facets, and variations. In addition to traditional sexological fields like biology, physiology, and medicine, the DGSS focus has centered on the social sciences, psychology, and ethnology, embracing also educational, legal, and historical aspects. [...]

German Society for Social Scientific Sexuality Research (DGSS)2022-12-14T13:40:19-05:00



If you spend a lot of time in certain Extremely Online corners of the internet ecosystem, you’ve likely stumbled onto #NoNutNovember, or just #NNN for short. An annual challenge encouraging men to refrain from masturbating (or even, for many, having any sex) for the month, No Nut November was initially created as a parody of internet-borne phenomena such as the Ice Bucket Challenge [...]




Pedophilic sexual offenders are usually family, friends, or relatives of their victims. The types of pedophilic activities vary, and may include just looking at a child or undressing and touching a child. However, acts often involve oral sex or touching the genitals of the child or the offender. [...]




Vaginismus symptoms may appear during the late teen years or early adulthood when a person has sex for the first time. The condition can also happen the first time a person tries to insert a tampon or has a pelvic exam at a healthcare provider’s office. [...]


Difference Between Polygamy and Polyamory


Polyamory is the state, practice, or orientation of having multiple sexual and/or romantic relationships simultaneously, with the full knowledge and consent of everyone involved. Polygamy describes when a man has multiple wedded wives, and polyandry refers to a woman having wedded husbands. [...]

Difference Between Polygamy and Polyamory2022-09-16T16:07:52-04:00
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