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San Juan CapistranoCalifornia (CA)United StatesCertified Sexologist
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Ace of Hearts
San Juan Capistrano
United States
California (CA)
+1 (949) 409-1223
Certified Sexologist
Certification Image 1
Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.)
Walden University
Master of Philosophy
Walden University
Bachelor of Arts
Dramatic Arts
University of California
IAP Career College
Love Coach
Loveology University
Ever since I was a goofy kid practicing my makeout skills on my family’s bathtub wall, I’ve been fascinated by love and intimacy. I grew up in Southern California as a bold and bubbly beach girl with big dreams, always in touch with my passionate Argentine roots. When I was young, my parents went through a tumultuous divorce and then, as a teenager, I witnessed them go through subsequent divorces with their second partners. Despite their own relationship pitfalls, my parents always instilled in me the notion that true, beautiful love does exist and is worth every ounce of pain it may take on the journey to find it. They raised me to be an empowered, intelligent, high-integrity, luminescent, and loving woman. I prided myself on this strong identity, and knew my worth when it came to life and love. My parents’ support, along with my zeal, eventually got me into USC, where I had the privilege of pursuing my passions for acting, Spanish, and psychology. Then, while I was in college, I was raped—and my identity as I knew it shattered. I began self-sabotaging – seeking out a string of unhealthy “situationships” with your classic F-boys and douche-canoes. I lowered my tolerance for mistreatment to the point of ultimately accepting a psychologically abusive relationship that almost destroyed me. Fortunately, this relationship was also the catalyst to my spiritual awakening. I decided to embark on a healing journey and listen to the Universe, which had clearly been amplifying these tough love lessons on repeat: that we cannot change others, only ourselves. That it is up to us to reclaim our own power. That “[our] task is not to seek for love, but merely to seek and find all the barriers within [ourselves] that [we] have built against it” (Rumi). Through the depths of the messy work, I finally arose from the murky waters of introspective self-discovery and flowered into a lovely and loving lotus who found herself and her light again! As my parents foretold: the pain endured was profoundly worth the love I found in myself. Rising to this self-loving vibration has not only aligned me with a beautiful, healthy, warm, and loving relationship with the man of my dreams, but it has also aligned me with my highest path and purpose: Becoming a certified love and intimacy coach on the path toward a Ph.D. in Psychology so that I can help you reach fulfillment by guiding you through the process of conquering any conditioned limiting beliefs and self-sabotaging patterns keeping you from experiencing the love you so deserve. Now that you know why I’m here, ask yourself why you are here. You read my story until the end and I believe you did that for a reason. What is your reason? If you’re ready to rise in love and intimacy, I invite you to explore my Ace of Hearts business links and get in touch. Lighting your love, Alina

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