Marilu Esplandiu, CSE, ABS

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Marilu and You

1200 McKee Street

United States
Pennsylvania (PA)
McKees Rocks
Certified Sexologist
Certification Image 1
Certified Sexologist
American College of Sexologists (ACS)
Certified Clinical Sexuality Coach
Dr. Rachel Institute
Certified Master Sexpert
Dr. Rachel Institute
What is Safer Sex? A Guide to Safer Sex Practices
Marilu Esplandiu CSE, has a unique background that informs her work as a sex educator. Growing up in a traditional Hispanic household where conversations around sex were taboo, Marilu's early curiosity led her to explore open relationships and "ethical non-monogamy." As co-owner of Body Shop Night Clubs and, she has mentored numerous couples and singles in navigating their sexuality. Marilu is dedicated to creating a safe, ethical, consensual and supportive environment for individuals and couples to explore their desires.


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