Michael Ra Bouchard, M.A., Ph.D., ACS, ABS

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Aloha Sexual Health & Happiness Worldwide Telephone Counseling Services
United States
Hawaii (HI)
+1 (808) 965-8800
Board Certified Diplomate
Certified Sexologist
Certification Image 1
Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.)
Human Sexuality & Clinical Sexology
Institute for Advanced Study of Human Sexuality (IASHS)
Master of Arts
Clinical Counseling Psychology
University of New Hampshire
Bachelor of Arts
Family & Group Dynamics
University of New Orleans
Associate of Arts
Marketing Psychology
University of New Hampshire
Board Certified Diplomate
American Board of Sexology (Expired)
Dr. Michael Ra Bouchard is a Doctor of Human Sexuality Board Certified Clinical Sexologist, Sex Therapist, Marriage & Relationship Counselor, Erotologist, and Founder of Aloha Sexual Health & Happiness, LLC Professional Counseling Services.

Dr. Bouchard is an eminently credentialed and accomplished sexual health educator and mental health professional of 35+ years, motivated by the desire to help people help themselves.

As a well-versed sexual scientist, since 1994 Dr. Bouchard has maintained a high-quality global and local sex therapy and marriage/couples counseling private practice in the Hawaiian Islands—previously based over the years in New Orleans, San Francisco, Manhattan, and Alaska—helping thousands of individuals and couples conquer their sexual, marital and relationship challenges to achieve peak sexual health, enriched partner intimacy and greater overall life happiness.

As a psychosexual counseling sexologist—possessing graduate degrees in both clinical sexology and clinical counseling psychology—Dr. Michael is particularly well-equipped as a sex therapist in bridging the realms of sexual health and happiness together with sexual and emotional intimacy, both in and out of the bedroom.

Dr. Bouchard enjoys a reputation for being a talented, nonjudgmental, seasoned and generous of spirit sex therapist and relationship counselor. In addition to his primary passion of helping others help themselves, he is also an acclaimed sex, love, and relationship expert, sex researcher, graduate school professor emeritus of counseling psychology and human sexuality, sex offender treatment specialist, sexual health and disease prevention educator, sexual advice columnist, and published author.

Dr. Bouchard practices as a psychosexual counseling clinician and expert in the respective fields of sexology and relationship counseling. His therapeutic focus is always results-oriented and applicable to everyday living in the here and now. Dr. Bouchard's candid one-of-a-kind thought provoking style teaches and assists clients to recognize and reframe their thinking errors and cognitive distortions of perception.

Specializing as a Rational Emotive Behavior Therapy (REBT) clinician, Dr. Bouchard is a no-nonsense, old-school sexologist utilizing only the most effective and proven approaches in cognitive behavioral counseling and psychological empowerment. Through his global psychotherapy practice he provides discreet, completely confidential and leading-edge mental health care to clients locally, nationally, and internationally via telephone distance counseling.

As a highly credentialed and accomplished sexual scientist and psychosexual counseling sexologist whose comprehensive expertise addresses all matters pertaining to human sexuality both healthy and unhealthy, normal and abnormal, Dr. Bouchard is eminently qualified to assess, diagnose and provide treatment for most mental, emotional, and behavioral issues impacting sexual health and intimacy, psychological fitness and overall wellbeing.

As an exceptionally perceptive behavioral health clinician, Dr. Bouchard skillfully assists his clients in manifesting their harmonious, whole and healthy perfected self—both in and out of the bedroom.

Dr. Bouchard seeks to empower clients to achieve a clearer and expanded world-view leading to the living of their best life ever—each according to his or her own self-chosen goals, values and desires. Specifically, by assisting clients in identifying and releasing—and when required, challenging, disputing, refuting, reframing, revising, reprogramming, healing and cleansing—their mental and emotional attitudes of all self-sabotaging programs and unhealed patterns, deceptive defective social programming, ruminating negative thinking, resentments, grudges, regrets, co-dependency, emotional wounds, traumas, and wrong conclusions.

Dr. Bouchard sees individuals and couples face-to-face in his Hawaii Island office.

For anyone outside of Hawaii, Dr. Bouchard has specialized in WORLDWIDE Telephone Counseling Services since 1981.

As a professionally trained telephone counselor with over 40 years of telephone counseling experience, Dr. Bouchard was an early adapter of telehealth distance consulting via telephone counseling beginning in 1981, and online guidance beginning in 1995. He is a highly experienced, talented, and eminently qualified distance counseling specialist.

Dr. Bouchard considers himself privileged to help people change their lives; through their gritty determination to scratch and claw their way to wholeness, his clients remind him daily he is a human being first and a counselor second.

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