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Dr. Naomi S. Korn, LCSW, BCD

249 4th Ave. N.,
St. Petersburg FL 33701
Phone: +1 (727) 280-5962
Phone: +1 (727) 894-6501

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ABS: 2373

Graduate of: SUNY Buffalo
Clinical Fellow, AACS
ABS Certified Clinical Sexologist
Licensed Florida LCSW
Certified by examination

Specialties: couples with dysfunctional sex problems; erectile dysfunction;
desire; arousal and orgasmic dysfunction; individuals with sexual abuse/trauma issues.

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I work with adults 18 & older, providing a safe place for exploring feelings stemming from disturbing incidents, memories or issues they may have been embarrassed, afraid or ashamed to talk about. Problems related to childhood traumas, including the impact of relationships, college, divorce, depression, grief, performance anxiety, medical issues are addressed. Family influences, patterns, & especially strengths that shape individuals are explored & respected. I have enjoyed the privilege over 40 years of witnessing journeys of families individuals as they change & grow in meaningful & positive ways. Saturday hours available.

Sexual issues, trauma and sexual desire problems present often. I focus on exploring and enhancing healthy sexual awareness and building intimacy skills for singles as well as for persons in relationships. Ethical & legal boundaries protecting client privacy & confidentiality are honored.

Life challenges us to balance work/school, love, body awareness and a spiritual connection. Depression, anxiety, trauma, career shifts, financial stress & grief impact that balance. I am always in awe of my clients’ hopes, wishes, longings & especially their courage as they commit to new possibilities for change & growth.

This professional is in good standing and is a trusted colleague in the study of sexology. If you have been counseled by this professional or currently working with them, please let us know about your experience with a review at the bottom of this profile. When leaving a comment, please use a pseudonym if you feel uncomfortable using your real name.

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