Patricia Gray, Ph.D.

Patricia Gray, Ph.D.
Peninsula Sexology Associates, Inc.
611 N. San Mateo Drive, Suite 5
San Mateo CA 94401
ABS Certified Sex Therapist
ABS Certified Supervisor
Life Founding Fellow, AACS
IASHS Alumni Board
Comments: I treat patients from every conceivable background and complaint. Females and males. Desires disorders, libido disorders, arousal disorders, medical and physical disabilities (usually acute depression is present,) and transexual. Sexual offenders. Females working in the sex industry (strippers, erotic arousal workers, etc. Males included as guides. ) Work with surrogates. Couples: communication and sexual education and direction for arousal patterns. Forensic expert witness for various venues. In service training in Human Sexuality for community hospitals, women’s groups, community rotary, conventions, etc. Gay, lesbian and bisexual issues. Thirty-eight years in the field of sexology.

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