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Loveology University®

Our mission is to empower adults through positive, accurate education on love, romance, relationships, intimacy and human sexuality, across the globe. We believe that everyone over 21 years of age should have access to this information, and Loveology University® is dedicated to making a significant contribution to the human race.

Loveology University® provides online training to certify Love Coaches, Relationship Coaches and Master Sexperts through a multimedia platform, with emphasis on loving yourself, physically and emotionally, while accepting others’ sexual practices without moral judgement, through comprehensive distance learning.

Our commitment to students begins before enrollment with our mentoring resource to help choose the right program for you. During your studies, we offer support to develop your skills in order to pass the final exam. After graduation, your mentor can help you to find your specialty in the field of sexual health and pleasure, whether it’s in private practice, public speaking, or becoming a sex educator, author, blogger or valuable media and Internet resource.

At Loveology University® we want to empower you by making your training easy, convenient, affordable and available at any time in any place. You’ve got nothing to lose by learning more about love and sex from one of our single courses, 4-packs for lovers or certified programs. After all, sex is our second basic instinct after survival. You’ve got everything to gain by becoming more confident, and helping others to get more satisfaction out of their love lives!

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