Tantric Shamanic Somatic Healing

Tantric Shamanic Somatic Healing

Training leading-edge trauma-informed professionals in relationships, intimacy, and sexuality.
We designed TSSH to meet the sexual health standards of the World Sexology Organization and to include the most up-to-date information on healing from sexual dysfunction and sexual trauma, enhancing intimacy and relational skills.

What is Tantric Shamanic Somatic Healing?

Tantra & Cross-Cultural Sacred Eros: Practices and techniques taken from Neo-Tantra, Taoist Sexual Wellness, Buddhist Tantra, Hindu Tantra, and Cross-Cultural Sacred Eros. Including ritual, ceremony, prayer, intention, breath, compassion, focus, energy, and presence.
Shamanic: Multiple planes of reality, harmonization of what is out of balance, profound wisdom/intuition, ceremony.
Somatic: Verbal, Movement, or Touch-based practices that support the client’s attune to their own body and rewrite the body/brain from trauma-trigger reactions into resilience and safety, including reclaiming and empowering the client’s voice, boundaries, and pacing.
Healing Facilitator: A trained practitioner who collaborates with the client to return to wholeness within themselves and feel empowered even when the facilitator is not there.

Who may benefit from this training?
This course is designed to give Sex Educators, Sexuality Resource Managers, Medical Professionals, Therapists, Sex Counselors, Sex Coaches, Massage Therapists, ​Sexological Body Workers, Surrogates, Erotic Service Providers, Somatic Healers,​ Nurses, Health Educators, Behavioral Health Specialists, Psychoanalysts, Mental Health Counselors, Marriage and Family Therapists, Clinical Social Workers, Psychologists, and other healthcare providers (hereinafter referred to as Healing Practitioners*) practical, personal, and hands-on training in being a Tantric Shamanic Somatic Practitioner. Included are the most effective modalities to utilize with clients.
Practitioners will be able to identify as Tantric Shamanic Educators, Tantric Shamanic Practitioners, and Tantric Shamanic Clinicians.

How is this different from other Tantric Training or Tantric Healer Training?
Most Tantra in the Western World is neo or new Tantra. It combines breathwork, energy work, biodynamics, emotional release, intentional ceremony, and techniques for expanding pleasurable touch to the vulva, anus, or phallus.
Often minimalized or missing are up-to-date information on cultural trauma, privilege, shadow, nuanced consent, the evolution of identity and orientation, and the latest science on recovery from trauma.
TSSH™ is unique in its format, practicums, and design cultivated to maintain the client’s psychological, emotional, and physical safety and empower their authentic pathway to wholeness.
TSSH™ is exceptional in the ally relationships you are guided to develop with other clinicians, medical professionals, and communities. In the TSSH™ program, you are given the language and skills to be received and respected as a professional in the field of sexology.

Cutting Edge Ethics
Cutting Edge Consent and Boundaries
Cutting Edge Gender, Sexual Orientation, and Relationship Design
Cutting Edge neurobiology of love and lust
Cutting Edge education in attunement, attachment, and recovery from trauma
Shadow work, ethical power dynamics from teacher/healer to student/client

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