National Anger Management Association (NAMA)

The National Anger Management Association (NAMA) is the international professional association (represented in 26 countries) for the fields of anger management, crisis intervention and domestic violence. Membership levels (Member, Fellow, Diplomate) are open to any anger management, crisis intervention or domestic violence professional. Specialist certification for anger management (CAMS), crisis intervention (CCIS) and domestic violence (CDVS) are offered to individuals completing the NAMA authorized training programs.

NAMA recognizes there are various techniques and methods for effectively treating Anger Management, Crisis Intervention and Domestic Violence and is therefore supportive of expanding the body of knowledge and effective (evidence based) solution models. The Anger Management, Crisis Intervention and Domestic Violence Specialist Certifications are Internationally recognized credentials, for example, the NAMA Anger Management Specialist Certification recognized by all courts in the US. NAMA offers unique Crisis Intervention and Domestic Violence training and credentialing with emphasis on safety (for ALL), brain change/cognitive behavioral approaches, attention to power/control issues, and appropriate de-escalation techniques.


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