Authentic Tantra and the American Board of Sexology

 What is Authentic Tantra® ?

While there are many forms and lineages of Tantra, Authentic Tantra® taught by the Institute of Authentic Tantra® , is a trauma-informed holistic healing approach that is rooted in the Tibetan 5 Element Healing practices from the Shangpa Kagyu lineage of Tibetan Buddhism. Based on the Tibetan wisdom of ‘inside, outside same’, Authentic Tantra® is designed to balance, enrich, integrate, and heal the body physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually from the inside out.

Authentic Tantra® works with 4 Pillars of Healing; Meditation, Movement, Connection, and Pleasure to heal trauma and integrate our mind, body, spirit and sex so that we can awaken and access more pleasure and bliss in our lives.  Sexuality is a fundamental part of how we are and because of this, Authentic Tantra® believes that the path to spiritual enlightenment includes all aspects of our human experience including and most importantly our sexuality.  

Authentic Tantra® uses a wide range of resources including Taoist healing practices, modern sexology and sexual teachings, somatic (body-based) practices, non-violent communication, movement, and many others to provide a comprehensive approach to healing for the benefit of the individual and all of humanity.  

The Institute  of Authentic Tantra® is the only Canadian accredited school for Tantric sexual healing in the world and offers the most comprehensive tantra training program available today.  It is the ONLY lineage-based school offering sexual teachings that has been sanctioned and approved by the lineage and its Lama, Lama Tashi Dundrup.