Women in Leather by Toni Solenne

From 2012-2018, Toni Solenne created and facilitated roundtable discussions, as well as conducted follow-up interviews, with over 400 Leatherwomen in the United States and Canada.

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While participants described different life experiences, Toni uncovered threads of similarities and shares her discoveries in this book. Few have had the opportunity to travel and gain an international perspective about the Leather lifestyle. And fewer still, have had an opportunity to engage in extended discussions about the Leather lifestyle in small groups with both well-known and not-so-well-known Leatherwomen. While the generalizations made in this book were true for the over 400 Leatherwomen who participated in the roundtables, this book is not intended to represent the experiences of all women in Leather. It is merely a snapshot in a moment of time. Enjoy their stories, take a moment to walk in their boots and learn about this fascinating 21st century culture of empowered women.

About Dr. Toni Solenne Ed.D.

Toni Solenne is a Leatherdyke, Mama Bear of her Leather family and Executive Producer of Women of Drummer. For eight years, she facilitated roundtable discussions with more than 400 leather women and interviewed those who participated to create her first book, “Women in Leather: Shaping Our Own Identity”. Toni describes their strength, captures their words, walks in their boots and shares these