Academy of Sexology International

The Academy of Sexology is an International Higher Education Institution since 2003, Interactive Distance Education via the Internet.

The Academy of Sexology International is a Higher/ Tertiary/ Online/ Distance-Learning Institute/University since 2003. Since 2016 we have completed all our professional programs using MOODLE on the Internet – with regular updates.

Our achievements (2003-2020) include: *Academic integrity *Highest international standards *Long term sustainability *World class academic programs *Academic and career achievements of our graduandi. *Continuous curricula enhancement *Holistic & interdisciplinary research *Latest technology *An increasing variety of career outcomes *Collaboration with academic peers, tertiary institutions, organizations & professional bodies world-wide *Enhancement of E- earning and distance education in the health and wellness sectors as a world-wide on-line university (distance education) of sexual health, love & relationships.

As the leading on-line university of interdisciplinary SEXOLOGY in the world (for almost two decades) we are proud of all our academic achievements, the quality of our students and their career-outcomes. Many of our students are accredited professionals such as medical doctors, psychologists, social workers, lawyers, pastors and others. We have proven our long-term sustainability with the most comprehensive curricula of the highest academic standards. Our training is practical. We focus on career outcomes in order to enable our graduates to make a successful professional career in sexology. Any member of the public will benefit from our sexual life-enhancement programs and you are welcome to enroll to the module of your choice.

It is our mission to train skilled professionals in the theory and practice of sexology to ensure optimal sexual health, – well-being & -happiness on all aspects of sexuality: procreation (parenthood), relationships (love) and recreation (pleasure) based on Human Rights, WHO, WAS, legal-, educational- and health principles / policies.

To study sexology is an investment in yourself. It is an opportunity of self- actualization as well as making a significant difference to the lives of many other people. Your studies in sexology give you access to specialist knowledge in the biological-medical, psychological, social and cultural aspects of human sexuality. You’ll learn how to apply this knowledge in your daily life and you’ll gain valuable relationship-, educational- and counselling skills in sexology in order to make a healing difference to others. Upon graduation, you should be able to integrate all the above into your professional career, and be conversant in the key aspects of sexology as a public health and educational solution.

We look forward to you joining the Academy; making a difference to the world; enhancing the lives of many people…


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