History: Roe v. Wade 410 U.S. 113 (1973)


We forthwith acknowledge our awareness of the sensitive and emotional nature of the abortion controversy, of the vigorous opposing views, even among physicians, and of the deep and seemingly absolute convictions that the subject inspires. One's philosophy, one's experiences, one's exposure to the raw edges of human existence, one's religious training, one's attitudes toward life and family and their values, and the moral standards one establishes and seeks to observe, are all likely to influence and to color one's thinking and conclusions about abortion. [...]

History: Roe v. Wade 410 U.S. 113 (1973)2022-06-24T16:25:37-04:00

Help Your Clients Reduce the STI Stigma


We know life isn’t over if you’ve tested positive for a STI, but we want to make sure our clients are equipped to have a fulfilling sex life, regardless of their STI status. That includes being empowered and clear about their own boundaries and navigating safer sex practices. [...]

Help Your Clients Reduce the STI Stigma2022-05-27T10:52:22-04:00

Teaching Puberty for LGBTQIA+ Diversity


Inclusion of diverse sexualities, genders, and to some extent sexes, has been a relatively recent focus for many in education, psychology, health services, and public policy. In this moment of both historic progress, and extreme backlash, marked by both pro and anti LGBT legislations, and simultaneous increases in bias-motivated violence. [...]

Teaching Puberty for LGBTQIA+ Diversity2022-05-24T11:30:14-04:00

Parting the Curtains: A Woman’s Handbook of Sex and Sexuality


A practical, reader-friendly guide, with up-to-date information and a good dose of self-respect that will help every woman age 25 and older navigate her sexual journey. [...]

Parting the Curtains: A Woman’s Handbook of Sex and Sexuality2022-05-17T21:15:01-04:00

Private Pain: Understanding Vaginismus & Dyspareunia


The shame that is associated with the inability to have vaginal penetrations often forces women into hiding behind a veil of silence. Healthcare professionals share the frustration in encountering a void in available resources and training regarding proper management of these conditions. [...]

Private Pain: Understanding Vaginismus & Dyspareunia2022-05-17T21:16:56-04:00

Heterosexual Men’s Accounts of Unwanted Sex


While scholars are giving greater attention than previously to sexual assault against women, they have ignored the fact that men report unwanted sex as well. This article examines 39 heterosexual men’s narratives about their experience of unwanted sex in college. [...]

Heterosexual Men’s Accounts of Unwanted Sex2022-05-10T15:39:26-04:00


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